Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself While Attacking Civil Rights Legend John Lewis

After Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) expressed his opinion that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president, the president-elect launched a childish and foolish attack on the Civil Rights hero.

After Rep. Lewis expressed his belief that the Russians got Trump elected president, the president-elect tweeted:

Trump never said anything about why Rep. Lewis thinks that he is not a legitimate president. Mentioning Russia is the great forbidden in Trump world, so instead the fact-free president-elect shot off his usual generic attack tweet when talking about members of Congress that are always some version of ignore the man behind the curtain and do your job.

The president-elect has tried to minimize Russian election interference on his behalf as nothing more than sour grapes complaining about the election results. The truth according to intelligence reports is much more serious.
Trump tells members of Congress to do their job. Trump tells the media to do their job. However, Trump never bothers to do his own job.

The latest Trump attack was the height of thin-skinned, foolish arrogance. The absolute worst thing that Trump could have done in response to Lewis’s statements was to attack a national icon. Millions of Americans already think that the next president is a racist. Trump did nothing to dispel this notion by attacking Lewis over crime.

Donald Trump knows nothing about John Lewis or his district, and his attack on Lewis only served to make Trump look like a fool and heighten suspicions over why the president-elect is so sensitive about Russia.