Instead Of Preparing To Be President, Trump Throws A Tantrum Over Saturday Night Live


In a matter of days, Donald Trump will take the oath of office and become the next President Of The United States, so Trump is preparing for this epic responsibility by whining about Saturday Night Live.

SNL opened up their show with a parody of Trump’s press conference:


The man who is going to be the next president responded with a tantrum on Twitter about SNL:

SNL sucks. Got it? Everything about SNL’s parodies of Trump is not funny. In fact, according to Trump, the show is nothing more than a complete hit job. Trump stopped just short of labeling the late night comedy program an enemy of the state, but he isn’t president yet. There is time for him to sign an executive order sending Alec Baldwin to GITMO on his first day in office.

Anyone who criticizes the president-elect or makes fun of the president-elect is risking earning the wrath of the person who soon will be the most powerful man in the world.

Individuals who are fit to be president don’t waste their time bitterly throwing fits on Twitter over satire. The things that obsess the mind of Donald Trump are not those of a president. At heart, Trump remains a low-level reality television star who wants nothing more than all forms of media to send him endless streams of love and validation.

Donald Trump can’t laugh at himself, and in the finest of banana dictator traditions, he can’t handle anyone else laughing at him either.