It’s About To Get A Whole Lot Worse For Trump As Women Protesters Descend From The Skies

A Spirit Airline flight attendant gives a rocking shout out to the “nasty” women on board who are heading to the Women’s March on Washington, including a perfect ending, “Watch out for your fellow sisters. Just remember, we don’t take no ish from no man.”

Portrait, commercial, and editorial photographer Flor Blake shared a video she shot on a Spirit Airlines flight full of women going to the March on Washington:

It didn’t take the Trump administration long to show women what we already knew; yes, they hold women and our safety in contempt and that’s why the Violence Against Women Act was one of many pages (including those on LGBTQ, civil rights, and more) to be erased from the White House website on inauguration day.

The spirit of the women who are going to the March on Washington is a one that will help save this country. Piece by piece, person by person, we will resist the incoming attempts to roll back protections for citizens and we will do as President Obama taught us – believe in hope enough that we work hard for change.

Don’t take no ish from no man ladies.

Image: Twitter, Flor Blake