Bernie Sanders Says What The Media Won’t: Trump Is A Fraud Who Lied To Voters

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called Trump a fraud, and he pointed out the ways that Trump has lied to the voters during an interview on CNN’s State Of The Union.


Sen. Sanders (I-VT) said:

You know, it is hard not to laugh to see President Trump alongside these Wall Street guys.

I have to say this, Jake. And I — I don’t mean to be disrespectful. This guy is a fraud. This guy ran for president of the United States saying, “I, Donald Trump, I’m going to take on Wall Street. These guys are getting away with murder.”

And then, suddenly, he appoints all these billionaires. His major financial adviser comes from Goldman Sachs. And now he is going to dismantle legislation that protects consumers.

This is a guy who ran for president saying, “I’m going — I’m the only Republican, I’m not going to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.”

And then he appoints all of these guys who are precisely going to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

So, I hope that all of those folks who voted for Mr. Trump because he — thought that he would stand up for working people, man, this guy is — you know, he’s a good showman. I will give you that. He’s a good TV guy.

But I think he is going to sell out the middle class and the working class of this country. And that business on Wall Street, he told us — in fact, it’s in the Republican platform — he is going to bring back Glass-Steagall, we’re going to be dividing up commercial banks from investment banks from insurance companies.

Then he has all of the big Wall Street guys on his side, and now he’s working for Wall Street.


Look, it is one thing if you run a campaign that says, look, I think Wall Street is great, I think the drug companies are great, I think we have to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

And, if people want to vote for that, that’s fine. That’s democracy.

But you have a president who I think, in a totally fraudulent campaign, said that, “I’m going to stand up for the working people.”

The media hasn’t said this, but Sen. Sanders did. Trump committed an act of fraud against the voters. He lied about the kind of administration that he would have. He lied about the goals of administration and the people who would be serving in his administration.

Everything Trump said from protecting Medicare and Social Security to draining the swamp was a lie.

As president, Trump has done the opposite of everything that he has promised.

It was all a lie, and the media would be wise to follow the lead of Sen. Sanders and start calling out the fraudulent president.