The Look On Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’s Face Suggests He Thinks Trump Is Nuts

The look on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s face after shaking Donald Trump’s hand revealed a foreign leader who thinks the new president is crazy.


The look on Abe’s face was either an expression of get me out of here, this guy’s nuts or get me away from this maniac and his endless need for love and validation.

Abe’s reaction to Trump provided real world proof of what the new president is doing to the standing and reputation of the United States. Instead of making America look great, Trump’s dinosaur era power tactics like handshake dominance are making our allies question the sanity of American leadership.

President Trump is harming America with every single phone call to, and joint appearance with a foreign leader. It has been three weeks, and Trump has harmed the nation’s image around the world.

Instead of making America great, Trump has turned the presidency into a creepy loser who nobody wants to get trapped in the corner with at the global dinner party.

The world is clearly not impressed by Donald Trump.