Trump’s First Month In Office Has Been An Incompetent Total Failure


Contrary to what the White House is touting as accomplishments, President Donald Trump’s first month in office has been marked by broken promises and failure to achieve anything.

The White House released a statement puffing up what they view as Trump’s first-month accomplishments. The list can be summarized as meeting with CEOs and signing dozens of Executive Orders. What missing from Trump’s first month is any lasting legislative accomplishment. Obama had the stimulus that helped to prevent another Great Depression, George W. Bush was well on his way to having his tax cut passed and ready for signature, but Donald Trump has nothing. Republicans can’t agree on a tax cut plan and how to repeal and replace Obamacare, so neither of those things may happen in Trump’s first 100 days.

As Politico reported, Trump’s first month in office was full of broken campaign promises, “Despite dizzying sound and fury, the president failed to halt immigration from Muslim countries, to label China a currency manipulator, to deliver a serious plan for funding his border wall or to repeal Obamacare—all among his many promises during last year’s campaign. He even weakened ethics rules affecting lobbyists, in the guise of a promised ban. The Muslim travel ban, Trump’s most consequential and controversial executive order, one of 23 signed so far, lies dead in the courts. He has achieved no noticeable progress on tax reform.”

The most notable achievement of Trump’s first month is that his administration is being investigated by numerous congressional committees for potential collusion with Russia during the 2016 election. Trump’s administration remains largely unstaffed because Trump hasn’t appointed or nominated anyone to fill them.


His administration has been distracted the President’s compulsion to make consistently false statements and fight with the press over his media coverage. Governing is virtually non-existent in the Executive Branch of the US government. President Trump has more weekends spent in Florida (3) than pieces of legislation signed (2).

Incompetence has been the defining early characteristic of the Trump presidency, as the country hasn’t seen a president start off this poorly in roughly 100 years.

Trump’s White House is running like it has its shoelaces tied together.

After taking steady competence for granted over the previous eight years, the American people are getting a first-hand look at what can happen to the country when the presidency is defined by erratic ineptitude.