Trump Attacks “So-Called Angry” Americans Worried About Losing Their Health Insurance

The childish new president took to Twitter on Tuesday for his latest tirade, this time directing his anger at the flood of Americans attending Republican town halls urging the GOP not to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

In his tweet, Trump said the “so-called angry crowds” are full of “liberal activists.” This isn’t far off from earlier suggestions by the president that the avalanche of post-election protests is made up mostly of paid professionals.


With all due disrespect to the president, the people flooding these town halls in GOP districts are angry. There is nothing “so-called” about it.

In many cases, these are people who rely on the Affordable Care Act for medication that, I don’t know, keeps them alive.

One gentleman in Iowa today explained it quite perfectly to Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, telling the Obamacare opponent that he’s “going to create one big death panel in this country” if he repeals the health care law and pulls the rug out from under millions of Americans.


Did that man look like a savvy and well-connected political activist? No, he’s a farmer in rural Iowa hoping that the new president and his spineless Republican henchmen in Congress don’t make it harder for him to afford his medication – and to live.

Unfortunately, though, this is the type of childish lashing out we should expect from a thin-skinned president who has spent his first month in office demonstrating complete mental instability.

Instead of concentrating his anger on Americans worried about losing life-saving insurance coverage, the president should direct it toward, say, Russia for waging a cyberattack against the United States or perhaps the wave of post-election hate crimes blowing up from coast to coast – or maybe even at his own staff for running the most inept administration in modern history.

But this is Donald, after all, and he is only passionate about praising those who love him and attacking those who hate him.

There is no in between with our so-called president.