An Unhinged Donald Trump Accuses Democrats of a ‘Total Witch Hunt!’

CNN had developed an online clock to track, as they put it, “How long has it been since Donald Trump attacked someone on Twitter?”

In case you’re curious, Il Duce lasted about four days, from Sunday afternoon to Thursday night, when he fell back into character with a blisteringly unhinged tweetstorm attacking Democrats.

Though his own tweets seemed increasingly out of touch with reality, he accused them of losing “their grip on reality”:

“The real story is all of the illegal leaks of classified and other information. It is a total “witch hunt!”

So presidential. A speech written by somebody else and read off a teleprompter will get you only so far. In the end, nobody can protect Donald Trump from Donald Trump.

He started off by defending Jeff Sessions, who undeniably lied under oath:

Perhaps Trump’s definition of honesty differs from ours. He “clearly could have stated his response more accurately” should be translated as “more honestly.” Let’s face it: it was a lie. Under oath. That’s not honesty.

Trump went from there to saying the whole thing was not about all the lies Sessions has told but, you guessed it, about Democrats losing the election.

This is an excuse he has used for virtually every criticism leveled at the corruption and incompetence of his administration:

Then the man who has people excusing his every lie with claims of “alternative facts” and “using other words” while labeling actual facts “fake news” got really unhinged by claiming it is the Democrats who have “lost their grip” on a reality Donald Trump has been out of contact with since he took office:

It has been pointed out that Donald Trump does not apparently know what a witch hunt is. Nevertheless, Trump faithful enthusiastically take up the cry, proving to us all why they’re his base.

And yes, this is the Trump who said in front of Congress, “the time for trivial matters has passed.”

And then it’s right back to watching Fox News and grabbing his cell phone to froth at the mouth as he rants like a lunatic grasping for straws in his bunker as his enemies close in.