All Hell Breaks Loose On Fox As Guest Calls Out Network For Spreading Fake News

Fox News Sunday panelist Neera Tanden, the head of the Center For American Progress, went there by calling out Fox News’s lies about Obamacare collapsing as being fake news.

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Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: Wait, Neera, your ignoring what she said and the fact, which is that the premiums are going up and the deductibles are huge, so you have to pay enormous out of — let me finish —

TANDEN: Yes, yes.

WALLACE: — out-of-pocket expense before you even get the advantage of it. And you’ve got insurance companies all over the country that are pulling out. So, there’s no choice.

TANDEN: The CBO did an analysis of both the Affordable Care Act today and compared it to the Ryan bill. So, that’s what they looked at. And that’s what people are looking at when they think 45,000 people are going to lose coverage.

The Affordable Care Act, the CBO said, is not collapsing. This is false. It is fake news from you guys. There are places that bring in.


WALLACE: Fake news —

TANDEN: There are places, premiums — let me just finish. There are places premiums have increased, but the Affordable Care Act is stable. The reality is, that what unwinds —

What was interesting were the smiles on the faces of Chris Wallace and his conservative panelists when they were confronted about spreading fake news on health care. The Republican talking points on Trumpcare/Ryancare/the Republican health care bill are fake.

Everyone outside of Donald Trump and Paul Ryan understands that they are fake. Trump’s HHS Secretary Tom Price admitted on Sunday morning that Obamacare is helping people. A law can’t both be helping people and collapsing in a death spiral at the same time.

Fox News has had terrible few days. Trump tried to blame them for his bogus claim that the British government cooperated with Obama to spy on him, and now they have guests calling the network fake news.

Fox has spreading conservative propaganda for years, but ironically, it took Donald Trump to popularize a handy term for their deceptions.

If Fox is going to continue to lie on a daily basis to push the Republican agenda, they better be prepared for more guests to call them out for being fake news.

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