Liberals Fight For America After Rachel Maddow Exposes Fake Russian Bernie Sanders Page

After Rachel Maddow drew attention to a fake Bernie Sanders supporters Facebook page that appears to be part of the Russian information warfare effort against the United States liberal and progressive patriots have flooded the page to fight back.

Video of Rachel Maddow:

Maddow explained that the Russians are using information warfare to confuse, divide, distract, demoralize and ultimately defeat their rival.

The MSNBC host said, “When The Huffington Post did their dive on how Bernie supporters online got targeted in this Russia attack in part on a Bernie Sanders Facebook page called Bernie Sanders Lovers which says it is based in Burlington, Vermont. It is not based in Burlington, Vermont. It’s based in Albania, and nobody who’s not from Albania appears to have anything to do with that site. The important thing here is that Bernie Sanders page run out of Albania. It’s still there. It’s still running. It’s still churning this stuff out. Now. This is not part of American politics. This is not partisan warfare between Republicans and Democrats. This is international warfare.”

This is what the Bernie Sanders Lovers page looked like during and after Maddow’s segment:

Republicans pretend to be patriots, but it is liberals, progressives, and Democrats who are fighting back against the Russian attempt to destroy our democracy. The real patriots are those people who are standing up to the Russian efforts, not the Republicans who are turning a blind eye and pretending that the problem doesn’t exist.

Trump promised to make America great, but it is the left that is fighting to keep America great.