Bill Maher Says What The Media Won’t By Slamming Racist Republican Praise For Trump On Syria

On HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher called out Republican hypocrites for blocking Obama’s requested action on Syria while hailing Trump’s meaningless missile strike.


Maher said, “American cruise missiles blew up an airfield last night in Syria because the dictator there was using chemical weapons — which he has done many times. In 2013, 98 Republicans signed a letter saying bombing Syria in response to a chemical attack was unconstitutional without congressional authorization. But this is different because Obama was president then. That would have involved bombing while black, and you can’t do that.”

He pointed out that the bombing was tricky for Trump because if he does the wrong thing, Putin might now reelect him.

The Real Time host turned on the media, “In America, you’re not really president until you bomb something, you know?” said Maher. “Even the liberals were all over this last night. Everybody loves this f**king thing. Cable news loves it when they show footage of destroyers firing cruise missiles at night. It’s America’s money shot.”

Maher is right. When Obama wanted to bomb Syria after a chemical attack, Republicans responded with howls of dictator and unconstitutional, but when Trump openly violates the Constitution by attacking a nation that has not attacked the United States, Republicans hail the move as presidential.

Democrats in Congress have been correctly pointing out that Trump’s ineffective Syria missile strike was unconstitutional, but Americans can’t stand by and allow a president to use the emotions of a moment to grab additional powers. Trump’s Syria bombing is a smaller version of what happened when terrified nation unconstitutionally allowed a president to launch and unrelated invasion of Iraq after 9/11.

Instead of praising Trump, the press should be doing its job and calling out the Republican hypocrisy and the president’s unconstitutional actions.

Bill Maher spoke out.

The media needs to grow a pair and join the rest of us who aren’t afraid to condemn hypocrisy and unconstitutional presidential actions.