Here’s The Proof That Trump Is So Out Of It He Doesn’t Know What’s In His Health Care Bill

Donald Trump showed that he is completely clueless by not knowing what is in his own health care bill during an interview on Face The Nation.


Via CBS’s Face The Nation:

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: This bill is much different than it was a little while ago, okay? This bill has evolved. And we didn’t have a failure on the bill. You know, it was reported like a failure. Now, the one thing I wouldn’t have done again is put a timeline. That’s why on the second iteration, I didn’t put a timeline.

But we have now pre-existing conditions in the bill. We have — we’ve set up a pool for the pre-existing conditions so that the premiums can be allowed to fall. We’re taking across all of the borders or the lines so that insurance companies can compete–

JOHN DICKERSON: But that’s not in–


JOHN DICKERSON: –this bill. The borders are not in–

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Of course, it’s in.

JOHN DICKERSON: –this bill. It’s in that third bill, right, because–

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: It’s in the second phase.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: It’s called phase one, phase two. And that’s, in effect, second phase, which will get approved, which will quickly get approved.

House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Jim Jordon told NPR something different than what Trump thinks is in the bill, “And, of course, this newest amendment that has brought Freedom Caucus members on board is we at least give states the ability to waive out of those key Obamacare regulations that drive up the cost of premiums. I think the vast, vast majority of the House Freedom Caucus supports the legislation, and we think we’re real close to having the overall votes we need.”

Those regulations that Rep. Jordan was talking about was the protections for people with preexisting conditions. Coverage for preexisting conditions is not in the legislation that the Freedom Caucus is supporting. The Freedom Caucus negotiated with the White House to allow states to opt out of the coverage minimums and allowing the insurance companies to charge people more who have preexisting conditions.

It turns out the Face The Nation host John Dickerson knows more about Trump’s health care bill than Trump does.