Republican Senators Admit That Trumpcare Will Die In The Senate

Republican Senators are making it well known that they don’t see a way for the House’s American Health Care Act to pass the Senate. As soon as the bill hits the Senate, it will be dead.

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The Hill reported, Republican senators say they don’t see a way to get healthcare reform over the finish line, even if the House passes a bill this week. A senior GOP senator said the chances of getting 51 votes for legislation based on the House health care bill are less than 1 in 5. The senator also put the chances that the House bill will meet Senate budgetary rules preventing a filibuster at less than 1 in 5, meaning portions of the legislation would have to be removed.”

For a more current and on the record view of the bill from the Senate, let’s turn to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC):

Yep. This bill is dead.

It is also being reported that even House Republicans don’t like the bill, and the Trump White House doesn’t like the bill.

The only reason this legislation is being voted on is that Republicans are desperate for both a “win” and to the get the process started of taking away people’s health care.

Republicans and Trump may get to “celebrate” a victory today, but the will be short lived, as the House bill will be dead on arrival in the Senate.

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