With The Russia Ax About To Fall, Trump Launches A Desperate Plan To Smear Sally Yates

The Trump White House is planning on running a smear campaign against Sally Yates while she testifies before Congress about the Trump/Russia scandal.

Axios reported on the White House’s strategy:

1). Brand Yates as a Democratic operative who was out to get Trump from the beginning and willing to torque the facts to advance her agenda;

2). Put as much distance as possible between Flynn and the man whose side he rarely left during the campaign (which could be a tall order.)

3). Portray Flynn, and no one else, as responsible for this mess.

The White House plan translated:

1). Smear the credible witness.

2). Throw Mike Flynn under the bus.

3). Run away from the bus as quickly as possible and hope no one notices.

These are not the activities of an innocent administration that was duped by a bad hire. Guilty people smear witnesses. Guilty find someone else to blame, and very guilty people hope that no one notices their own role in the crime.

Sally Yates must have some very damaging testimony for the Senate that the Trump administration is afraid of. The rest of the strategy is straight from the Republican scandal playbook. Find someone to blame. Blame everything on them, then use the Bad Apple Theory to blame the scandal on a single lower hanging bad apple, not the entire corrupt tree.

Every time Trump thinks that he has gotten away, the Russia scandal ropes him back in.

The evidence keeps dripping out little by little, and it is only a matter of time until the ax falls on Donald Trump.