John Dean Dropped A Truth Bomb About Why It’s Trump Who Needs To Worry About Secret Tapes

Former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean dropped a profound truth when he stated that it is Trump, not Comey, who needs to worry about secret tapes.

John Dean was right.

CNN reported that Comey isn’t sweating any tapes:

Former FBI Director James Comey is “not worried about any tapes” of conversations between him and President Donald Trump, a source familiar with the matter told CNN Friday, adding that “if there is a tape, there’s nothing he is worried about” that could be on it.

Innocent people don’t need to worry about tapes. James Comey knows what he said, and he seems very confident that if there is a tape, there’s nothing on it for him to worried about. The person who needs to be worried about the existence of tapes is Trump.

Trump can’t stop with the references and parallels to Richard Nixon. As the Access Hollywood tape demonstrated, Trump already has a bad history with tapes. James Comey would likely welcome any tapes or evidence that would debunk the White House’s smear campaign against him.

John Dean has first-hand experience when it comes to tapes. When Mr. Dean speaks, it would be wise for the president and his administration to listen.