Jake Tapper Just Devastated Trump With A Stunning Revelation About His Russia Leak


CNN’s Jake Tapper revealed that the same information that Trump leaked to Russia that is so sensitive that CNN was warned in March not to report it because it would get people killed.



Tapper revealed that CNN had learned about the intelligence in March, but had been cautioned by the White House not to report on certain details of the laptop bomb plot because it would get people killed. Tapper said, “By reporting the city’s name Trump administration officials insisted that would tip off American adversaries about sources and methods used to gather the intelligence. It would, they insisted, get people killed. CNN did not report the details. CNN did not report the name of the city.”

However, Trump did give the name of the city to the Russians.

Tapper continued, “It’s the same city. It’s the same city that CNN was cautioned not to report.”

Jake Tapper then played the clip of Trump national security adviser H.R. McMaster downplaying Trump revealing the city, and added, “Again, this is the same city that intelligence officials say if we told it to you right now, it would get people killed, but somehow, we are simultaneously supposed to believe that President Trump sharing this information and more with a U.S. adversary, Russia, is ‘wholly appropriate,’ as McMaster said repeatedly today.”

The host of CNN’s The Lead nailed Trump, “He shared information that then, as now, could lead to U.S. adversaries, say I don’t know, Russia using counterintelligence to try to figure out how the U.S. knows what it knows. And just so you know, as of today before this broadcast, we are still being told by the Trump administration to not report the name of the city, and we won’t.”

What Tapper reported was devastating for the White House because it revealed that Trump’s babbling to Russia is probably going to get people killed.

The Trump administration and the Republican Party have been trying to downplay what the president did, but if the information is still so sensitive that CNN is being told not to report it, Trump really has jeopardized national security.

Republicans spent years making up conspiracies that involved Hillary Clinton killing people. It took Donald Trump less than four months in office to really get people killed.

If people die because of this leak, their blood will be on Trump’s hands.