Trump Is So Crazy That His Advisers Are Afraid To Leave Him Alone In Meetings

Trump is so nuts that his advisers are afraid to leave him alone in meetings with foreign leaders because they are afraid of what he will say.

The New York Times reported, “There is a fear among some of Mr. Trump’s senior advisers about leaving him alone in meetings with foreign leaders out of concern he might speak out of turn. General McMaster, in particular, has tried to insert caveats or gentle corrections into conversations when he believes the president is straying off topic or onto boggy diplomatic ground. This has, at times, chafed the president, according to two officials with knowledge of the situation. Mr. Trump, who still openly laments having to dismiss his first national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, has groused that General McMaster talks too much in meetings, and the president has referred to him as “a pain,” according to one of the officials.”

It is mindblowing that Republicans continue to cover for a president who is so unstable that his advisers that his advisers can’t trust him to be left alone in a meeting. Equally as stunning is the fact that Trump misses the Russia compromised Mike Flynn.

When the President Of The United States can’t be left alone in a room with other foreign leaders for fear that he might do something to jeopardize international relations or national security, that is an unprecedented problem in presidential history.

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The New York Times had a dozen sources for their story about Trump’s behavior and how he is wearing down his staff with his constant creation of scandal and chaos.

A portrait is emerging of Donald Trump as a person who is mentally unfit to be president, and a threat to his country while he occupies the White House.

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