Trump Needs To Be Very Worried Because The Threat Of Impeachment Just Got Real

The appointment of a special counsel to oversee the investigation was a big step forward, and if Trump dares to try and pull Nixon and fire the special counsel, impeachment will get very real.

Even before Robert Mueller was appointed, it was already being argued that a Democratically controlled House has enough already to draw up articles of impeachment against Trump.

As Noah Feldman wrote in Bloomberg, “But a Democratic House would have more than enough material now to start the impeachment process — including the revelation of the request to Comey. And the House could choose to impeach even if it calculated that the Senate probably wouldn’t convict. The act of impeachment would have tremendous symbolic ramifications. And it would include the detailed investigative oversight that so far has been lacking in Washington.”

Norm Eisen tweeted that Trump could try to pull a Nixon and fire the special counsel:

The fact that Trump can fire the special counsel is why a select committee or a special prosecutor is needed.

If Trump tries to interfere with the special counsel, he will take a giant step towards being impeached.