The Resistance Shows It’s Real After Flipping A State Seat No Democrat Has Ever Won In NH

New Hampshire Democrats flipped a state House seat in a district that Donald Trump won by 7% in 2016. No Democrat had ever won the district before, and the victory is the first seat in the country at any level to flip from red to blue after the election of Trump.

Democrat Edie DesMarais wins Carroll County seat in Wolfeboro, 811-755, over GOPer Matthew Plache. The victory by Desmaris was a surprise because Trump carried the district by seven points in 2016, and it is a seat that Democrats have never won.

Just how Republican is Wolfeboro?

This is a local photo:

The New Hampshire Democratic Party released a statement that celebrated their historic victory:

If I’m the Republican Party, I’m looking at this result combined with very close race in the Montana special House election, and the Democrat leading the special election in Georgia, and I am very worried. Republicans lost a seat tonight that they have never lost before. It is looking more and more like the New Hampshire won’t be their only historic defeat in 2017.

The Resistance is real, and the results are beginning to show as Democrats have flipped their first seat of the Trump presidency.

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