Anti-Climate Paris Withdrawal Backfires On Trump As His Approval Rating Plunges To 36%

Trump keeps finding new ways to make himself less popular. His latest move of with withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Accord has sent his approval rating tumbling to a new low of 36%.

According to the Gallup Daily Tracking poll, Trump’s approval is 36% and his disapproval is 58%:

Trump’s approval rating has dropped six points in the last six days from 41%-36%, while his disapproval rating has grown by five points from 53% to 58%. It is not a coincidence that the President’s approval rating started to plunge as soon as he returned home from his first overseas trip.

The President’s numbers have been on a steady decline since he announced the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Climate Accord on Thursday. The American people aren’t buying the White House’s excuse that the deal was bad for the US economically, and viscerally, they don’t like the idea of the US withdrawing from the rest of the world and not leading.

Trump’s approval rating has reached the red zone where it is clear that he is losing some Republicans and Independents who voted for him.

With the unpopular health care bill following him around like a shadow and the Russia scandal acting as his constant companion, the last thing this president needed was an unpopular agenda, but that’s exactly what he’s got.

Climate change may not be the most important issue on the priority list of voters, but that doesn’t mean that they want to see the US break from the rest of the world and lead from behind.

An overwhelming majority of Americans are rejecting the presidency of Donald Trump.