Rachel Maddow Explains How Jeff Sessions Is Doomed Ahead Of His Senate Testimony


With the Russia investigation now shifting focus toward Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions ahead of tomorrow’s highly anticipated Senate testimony, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow explained why Sessions is doomed no matter what.

This is particularly true when it comes to the Sessions’ phony recusal from all matters related to Russia and the 2016 election. As Maddow pointed out, Sessions is in trouble regardless of what the administration’s motive was behind the termination.



Maddow laid out the problem Sessions faces as he prepares to testify on Tuesday:

In either case, though, Jeff Sessions has a continuing problem here. If the president, in fact, fired Comey because of his oversight of the Russia investigation, Attorney General Jeff Sessions should not have been involved in that, right? He was supposedly recused from that. So if you’re recused from the Trump-Russia investigation, under no understanding of a recusal would you allowed to fire the person running it, and still stay you’re recused, right?  … Even he had fired him because of the Hillary Clinton email thing during the campaign … that, too, would be a problem for Jeff Sessions, because he also should have been recused from that. … Both the reason James Comey was fired – Russia – and the fake pretext they came up with for why James Comey was fired – Clinton emails – both of those are squarely in the bounds of Jeff Sessions’ recusal. 

On a host of issues surrounding both the Trump administration’s ties to Russia and his questionable involvement in the firing of former FBI director James Comey, Jeff Sessions doesn’t seem to have a foot to stand on.

Not only should he face tough questions on his repeated lies about his secret meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak – which he repeatedly lied about both under oath and in writing – but he should also explain why he continues to involve himself in matters related to Russia and the 2016 election after having recused himself from these investigations.

Ultimately, whatever the attorney general says in Tuesday’s hearing should be taken with a grain of salt – he has lied in a Senate hearing before and he likely won’t hesitate to do so again.