Trump Declines To Lead America After Republican Baseball Practice Shooting

There were calls for President Donald Trump to attend the congressional baseball game after the shooting at the Republican team’s practice, but the White House has announced that Trump will not be showing up.

ABC News reported that last minute security requirements are the reason why Trump won’t be showing up:

In times of crisis, presidents lead. This president issued a statement, and then presumably went back to watching Fox News. All of the calls for unity from the talking heads and partisans have been heard before. America passed the need for empty rhetoric sometime after Sandy Hook.

If Republicans in Congress want to show unity and a change in tone, they can begin by working with Democrats on legislation. Togetherness is a tough sell when a health care bill is being written in secret by 13 Republican Senators.

We have all been here before. A shooting happens, everybody says the right words, and no action is taken.

Trump’s behavior is the perfect example of the never ending post-shooting loop that Republicans are in. Trump said all the words, but he has not taken and appears to have no plans to take even the smallest action to show that he is willing to change the tone of our national dialogue. Yesterday, Trump called Democrats obstructionists multiple times. Less than a day later he spoke about how we are all Americans.

The change in tone will start in Washington, and it is telling that when Donald Trump was faced with his first challenge, a nation looked to him, and he declined to lead.