Time Calls Out Trump’s Fake News And Asks Him To Remove Bogus Covers From Golf Clubs

Time Magazine has asked Trump to remove fake Time covers that feature Trump on the cover from the walls of his golf clubs.

The Washington Post reported on a fake 2009 Time cover that hangs in four of Trump’s golf clubs:

“I can confirm that this is not a real TIME cover,” Kerri Chyka, a spokeswoman for Time Inc., wrote in an email to The Washington Post.


At 5 p.m. Tuesday, a spokeswoman for Time said that the magazine had asked the Trump Organization to remove the phony cover from the walls where it was on display.

The Trump Organization did not respond to questions this week about who made the cover and why it was displayed at Trump clubs. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to say whether Trump had known the cover wasn’t real.

“We couldn’t comment on the decor at Trump Golf clubs one way or another,” Sanders wrote in an email.

The spreading of fake news about himself predated Trump’s move into politics. Trump has created a world of mythology and propaganda surrounding himself. When Trump criticizes anyone for spreading fake news what he really means is that a truthful story is threatening his myth. Donald Trump has always sold a fantasy. The problem for the United States is that the fantasy has crashed head first into the reality of an incompetent president who has no interest in or capacity for governing.

Trump may tantrum over news that he doesn’t like in the White House, but this president has been creating and spreading fake news about himself for years.

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