Trump’s Attack On Mika Brzezinski Backfires As Morning Joe Beats Fox And Friends

Trump’s attack on MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski backfired completely on the President. Instead of hurting the MSNBC program, Morning Joe’s ratings increased by 70%, and the show beat Trump’s favorite program, Fox and Friends.

The Wrap reported, “MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ gained 70 percent on Friday compared to the second quarter of 2017 when 1.7 million viewers tuned into the first show after President Trump personally attacked co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on Twitter. Trump clearly brought attention to the MSNBC morning show, as it finished Friday as the No. 1 morning show in cable news in both total viewers and the key demo of adults age 25-54 with 408,000 viewers in the category.”

Trump attacks Mika Brzezinski with the intent of harming and undermining a morning show host who has been critical of him, and his attack is so vile, hateful, and disgusting that he ends up bringing more viewers to his critics.

The Morning Joe attack backfire demonstrates that Trump doesn’t comprehend the power of his current position. He is no longer Donald Trump, D-list celebrity and reality TV host. As the President Of The United States, Trump’s words carry more weight, and his lack of popularity means that anyone Trump attacks is likely to become more popular.

It is well known that Trump watches Fox and Friends every morning. Fox and Friends is one of the few programs that Trump will appear on, and he has used his Twitter account to promote the program and the network.

However, with one tweet, Trump turned Fox and Friends into ratings losers. Trump thought he was undermining Brzezinski, but all he did was hurt himself and Fox News.