Trump Incriminates Himself With An Indirect Admission That He Is Working For The Russians

Donald Trump’s self-incriminating habit on social media struck again on Sunday as the President all but admitted that he is working for Putin as he said that he never discussed the tougher sanctions that the Senate passed with the Russian leader.

Trump tweeted:

In June, the Senate approved new tougher sanctions on Russia as punishment for interfering in the 2016 election 97-2. The Senate bill also created a congressional review process if Trump tries to unilaterally ease sanctions.

The President still doesn’t get that he is not a king or a dictator. If he vetoes new Russia sanctions, the Senate has more than enough votes to override his veto. The fact that Trump didn’t discuss sanctions or punishing Russia for their interference in the 2016 election should tell every American who he is working for.

Trump admitted with a single tweet that the Russian account of the meeting was probably right. The President Of The United States never tried to stand up for democracy in the face of an attack on our election process.

Federal and congressional investigators are watching, and Trump just handed them more reasons to investigate his relationship with Russia.

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