Trump Is Now Trying To Get The Acting FBI Director Fired As The President Is Cornered On Russia


Trump followed up kicking transgender people out of the military by calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Trump tweeted:


Trump believes that the Russia investigation is a Democratic conspiracy against him, and he is mad at Jeff Sessions for not killing the FBI’s investigation. The President motives are childlike in their transparency.

First, Trump kicks transgender persons out of the military to please his dwindling base of support, and then he goes back to work trying to kill the Russia investigation. The President’s tweets were a message to Jeff Sessions that he can get out of Trump’s doghouse by firing the acting FBI Director and appointing a Trump ally so that the White House can take control of the Russia investigation.

The President Of The United States is actively working to sabotage and obstruction an investigation into himself, his presidential campaign, and his family. If Trump fires McCabe, Congress will be under immediate pressure to appoint an independent special prosecutor.

Donald Trump is escalating in his efforts to kill the Russia investigations, and he is firing away from having to deal with an independent prosecutor.