Scaramucci Brags About Breaking DOJ Rules While On TV Trying to Threaten Leakers

Well, this ought to do it.

While trying to threaten the infamous “senior leakers” in the Trump White House, White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci bragged on CNN’s New Day about talking to AG Jeff Sessions about the leaks, and also to “buddies in the FBI.” That, of course, is a violation of written rules regarding White House interference in the rule of law.


Saying the leaks are “so treasonous” that leakers would have been hanged 150 years ago, Scaramucci said pointing to White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus:

Watch here:

Scaramucci said he and the President were working with law enforcement to “undercut and undercover or out” the leakers.

Jonathan Chait pointed out, “Despite possessing a degree from Harvard Law School, Anthony Scaramucci does not seem to possess an understanding of basic principles of the Anglo-American legal tradition… The new White House communications director has gone on television to boast that he is interfering with the justice system in violation of written rules”.

Chait also noted that Scaramucci wrongly accused Reince Priebus of illegally leaking his disclosure form, but it wasn’t illegal and it was a public disclosure form.

The Trump White House’s Hail Mary is Godfather meets junior high drama clowns.

Going on TV to brag about interfering with the rules against political interference in investigations to defend a man who is accused of firing former FBI Director James Comey in order to interfere in the Russia investigation is not the brightest move for a Communications Director.

So of course, that is exactly what this one did.

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