Trump Crashes and Burns As 59% of Americans Consider His First 200 Days In Office A Failure


A new CNN poll has found that Trump’s crash and burn as president is not getting past the American people, as 59% of respondents graded Trump’s first 200 days as a failure.

According to CNN, “Looking back over the first 200 days of Trump’s time in office, just 36% say they consider it a success, and 59% consider it a failure. Both Barack Obama and George W. Bush were viewed as successful at this stage of their presidency by most Americans (56% for Bush, 51% for Obama).”

Libraries will be filled with books in future decades and generations dissecting how Donald Trump failed as president, but it isn’t that complicated. Trump is failing because he is a know nothing with no philosophy and vision. Trump was more interested in corruption and financial gain than he was in effectively governing the country. Never has a man who is so unqualified been placed in such an important position of power.


Trump first 200 days could have been at least moderately successful if he had any desire to fulfill his duties as president, but Donald Trump is more interested in hanging out at his golf courses and watching Fox News than he is in running the country.

People are noticing that Trump is incompetent, which is why in spite of all of the issues that can be used to attack the president, one of the most powerful by the time 2020 rolls around maybe an argument in favor of a return of decency and competency to the White House.