Trump Threatens War With North Korea While Hanging Out In The Clubhouse Of His Golf Club

President Trump managed to take a moment in between rounds of golf in New Jersey to threaten a potential World War III by launching a military attack on North Korea.

According to a statement by Trump via the White House press pool:

If there is one thing that Donald Trump could do to make himself less popular while endangering the entire world, it would be to threaten North Korea with a military attack. One can only guess what Trump was threatening to do, but a safe bet would be that he is hinting at an air strike against the North Korean missile program. If the US did strike, the North Koreans would immediately retaliate by launching attacks on South Korea and Japan.

Trump is setting the stage for what would be anything from a regional war to World War III.

This president doesn’t know what he is doing. He has no clue what he is talking about, and his reckless bluster just pushed the United States closer to a military conflict with North Korea.

Trump managed to do all of this while hanging out in the clubhouse of his golf course on vacation.