Jeff Sessions Was A Total Disaster While Trying To Defend Trump’s Nazi Love

Attorney General Jeff Sessions tried to defend Trump as condemning racists and white supremacists on CBS This Morning, but his whole argument fell apart when Charlie Rose pointed out that the President never said any of those things.


Sessions stuck to the administration line that Trump was strong in his condemnation and added, “And yesterday, his own spokesman explicitly condemned by name Nazis and the Klu Klux Klan.” Charlie Rose shot back, “But that’s the spokesman, not the President.”

The same attorney general who is using the civil rights division funds to investigate colleges and universities for discrimination against white people thinks that Trump did a great job. Sessions walked right into when he tried to pass the spokesman’s words off as Trump’s own. The White House was so reluctant to condemn racists and Nazis that they wouldn’t attach a name to the statement so that the country could know who was speaking for the president.

Jeff Sessions was a complete disaster, and with his record on racial issues, he is the last person that any sane administration would want going on national television, but America is dealing with Donald Trump, not a logical, competent, and of sound mind president.

The White House has created a new crisis for itself because Trump is incapable of doing the simple and decent thing of condemning racial hate and violence