Someone Is Posting Ads Offering Actors Of Color $50 To Come And Cheer For Trump In Phoenix


Someone is posting ads on Craigslist advertising for minority actors to come to Donald Trump’s rally in Phoenix, AZ and cheer for the unpopular president.

The Trump campaign is running ads on Craigslist to find actors in Phoenix:


This one offers an exciting ten dollar bonus:

Here is an ad that was taken down once it was noticed:

The Trump campaign paid actors for his Orlando rally too:

It is possible that it is someone playing a joke on Trump with these ads. The ads could be a hoax. The problem is that Trump has a history of paying actors $50 to cheer for him at rallies. Trump paid actors that exact amount of money to cheer for him when he launched his presidential campaign in 2016. With any other president, these kinds of ads would be easy to dismiss, but given Trump’s ego, vanity, and need to be loved, it is possible to believe that this could be real.

Someone is posting these ads, and if it is nothing more than a political statement against Trump, it’s an act of pure genius.