In Shameful Address, Trump Hides Behind The Troops To Cover Up His Racism


In a move that was one of the most disgusting abuses of the presidential platform in history, Donald Trump tried to clean up his support for racists after the Charlottesville violence by hiding behind the troops.



Trump said:

The soldier understands what we as a nation often forget. A wound inflicted upon a single member of our community, is a wound inflicted upon us all. When one part of America hurts, we all hurt. And when one citizen suffers an injustice, we all suffer together. Loyalty to our nation demands loyalty to one another. Love for America requires love for ALL of its people.

When we open our hearts to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice, no place for bigotry and no tolerance for hate. The young men and women we send to fight our wars abroad deserve to return to a country that is not at war with itself at home. We cannot remain a force for peace in the world if we are not at peace with each other. As we send our bravest to defeat our enemies overseas, and we will always win, let us find the courage to heal our divisions within.

The address was teleprompter Trump, which we all know is not the real Donald Trump. Trump was reading someone else’s words. There is zero indication that those words represent his real feelings. There are two Donald Trumps. There is the Trump who uses his soft reading voice and says things that he doesn’t mean, and there is real Donald Trump, who is the man who supports racists when he is off script at press conferences, and on Twitter.

The administration could have paid an actor to read this speech, and it would have had the same credibility, which is none.

Trump’s remarks were a shameful attempt to hide behind the troops and the war in Afghanistan to clean up his support for racism. The rest of the address was dedicated to Trump trying to explain why he didn’t really mean what he said when he wanted an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The President later in the speech resumed his campaign to convince the country that he is not a failure.

The address was a disgrace. A weak and cowardly man stood before the country and tried to clean up his racist comments by hiding behind the troops.

This is not how a president behaves, as Trump revealed that America is being led by a man who is more interested in good personal publicity than governing the country.

Donald Trump, like this address, is a total fraud.