Trump Gets Terrible News As He Could Be Dealing With Charges In 39 States Over Russia Scandal

Up to 39 states may have jurisdiction over potential Trump/Russia election crimes.


While appearing on MSNBC on Thursday, Ari Melber said, “It puts a brick wall up against the idea that he might be able to circumvent the entire investigation. As you mentioned, we reported first on The Beat on Tuesday night that a state attorney general was already looking at Russia jurisdiction, and second, there are a host of places, at least up to thirty-nine states that would at least have an argument for jurisdiction because of election related hacking.”

The idea that the Russia scandal could generate criminal charges in multiple states means that instead of one fire to put out Trump may end up with dozens of raging fires all across the country. The President’s pardon power will be useless if state charges are fired, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller has built a fail safe into his investigation so that if Trump does manage to kill the federal investigation, the states will be able to pick it up and keep going.

It looks like Trump is trapped. If the federal investigation doesn’t get him, a state one might.

Trump thought his troubles were over once he became president, but it turns out that winning the White House could be the worst thing ever to happen to him.

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