Criminal Trump Administration Hides Behind Rule Of Law As Reason For Rescinding DACA

The Trump White House had perjurer Attorney General Jeff Sessions announce in a letter to the acting Director of Homeland Security that Trump is rescinding DACA.

Here’s the letter:

An attorney general who committed perjury before the United States Senate is announcing that a president who is under criminal investigation for obstruction of justice is announcing that an administration that tried to implement an unconstitutional Muslim ban, short-circuited the pardon process to pardon Joe Arpaio, fired the FBI Director, and has tried to pressure both the Justice Department and Congressional investigators to drop the Russia investigation is concerned about the rule of law.

The only rule of law that the Trump White House is concerned with involves discrimination against immigrants and bigotry toward Muslims.

An administration that is riddled with corruption and conflicts of interest coming directly out of the Oval Office wants the American people to buy that they are concerned about the rule of law. Trump is the most lawless president in the last forty plus years. The administration’s attempt to hide behind law and order is an insult to every single American.