Terrified Trump Now Promises To ‘Revisit’ DACA If Congress Doesn’t Clean Up His Mess

After facing widespread and bipartisan backlash on Tuesday for his decision to rescind former President Obama’s DACA protections for young undocumented immigrants, Donald Trump tweeted that he will “revisit this issue” if Congress fails to pass legislation protecting Dreamers.

The president – the child that he is – also couldn’t help but reaffirm his obsession with the former president.

The president’s tweet is a clear indication of two things: 1. As reporting indicated today, Trump didn’t fully grasp the repercussions of his decision to rescind DACA; and 2. He is too terrified to move forward with a decision that amounts to political suicide.

From former President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to current GOP Senators John McCain and Cory Gardner, among many others, the resistance to the administration’s cruel and un-American move was swift and fierce.

It remains to be seen whether Congress can pass legislation that will shield Dreamers from deportation and clean up the administration’s mess, but it’s crystal clear the Trump is already regretting the move he made on Tuesday.