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One Of Trump’s Own Nominees Is The Fraudulent Voter That Kris Kobach Is Looking For

Donald Trump’s nominee for Deputy U.S. Trade Representative, Jeffrey Gerrish, is the latest of Trump family members and associates Trump’s so-called election integrity commission is looking for. According to a report by the Washington Post, Gerrish may have voted illegally in Virginia.

Gerrish, a Washington lawyer, sold his home in Fairfax County, Virginia in July 2016. He also bought a home in Bethesda, Maryland during the same month and according to public records, Gerrish registered that home as his principle residence. WaPo goes on to say records at the Virginia Department of Elections show Gerrish voted in Virginia in November 2016.

This set of facts makes Gerrish one of those menacing fraudulent voters Kris Kobach and the so called election integrity commission insists are “illegal aliens” who crisscrossed the country by bus, voting numerous times to throw the popular vote Hilary Clinton’s way. Except there is no evidence that Gerrish voted more than once, and he doesn’t fit the racist profile that Kobach and others are relying on to possibly justify Jim Crow on steroids, nationwide. Gerrish is a natural born American, who is rich, white and male, and likely to have voted for Donald Trump. And no doubt, members of the commission would give him the benefit of the doubt they are quick to deny others.

If the Commission really is determined to prevent fraudulent voters, it should check with Tiffany Trump, Jared Kushner along with 3 other members of the Trump family were improperly registered to vote in more than one state. Also, Steve Mnuchin and former Trump administration alumni Steve Bannon and Sean Spicer were found to fit the Kobach definition of fraudulent voters. The commission really should investigate to see if they have become compliant with election law because, if it turns out the President’s family and members of his administration were caught up in a voter fraud conspiracy that would be embarrassing.

The Washington post learned that Kushner was registered to vote in New Jersey and New York while records revealed that Spicer was registered in New Jersey and Rhode Island. Bannon was registered in New York and Florida, though he reportedly took steps to get removed from Florida’s voter rolls.

Seriously speaking, one can see from this that many people who are native born and Republican are registered in more than one state. That may prove a violation of election registration law, doesn’t prove voter fraud any more than it did for Kris Kobach and the New Hampshire vote.

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