Watch As An Out Of It Trump Rants About NFL Player Protests And Reenacts The Apprentice

Trump sounded unhinged and out of it as he launched into a rant about NFL players protesting and starting acting like he was on The Apprentice.


Trump was supposed to be campaigning Sen. Luther Strange when he launched into a rant about how he wants to see NFL owners fire players who protest, and then he did an impression of himself on The Apprentice.

The President later went on to say at Strange’s own rally that he may have made a mistake by endorsing Strange and promised to campaign for his opponent Roy Moore if he wins the Republican primary.

Donald Trump is clearly not well. He doesn’t care about the Alabama Senate race. He went in front of that crowd to be loved. While speaking, Trump made it clear that he wants to throw Hillary Clinton in prison, and he doesn’t believe in the right to free speech.

Trump has no respect for the Bill of Rights, and even worse on a human level, he appears to be mentally gone. A crazy old man who spends his days watching Fox News and ranting at the television has been elected by the Russians to weaken the United States.

Forget being able to handle the job of being president. One has to question if Trump is mentally competent enough to handle his own affairs.