LeBron James Dismantles ‘Bum’ Trump: Visiting White House Was Honor ‘Until You Showed Up’

Donald Trump’s feud with professional athletes escalated rapidly on Saturday, with the most high-profile player in the NBA taking to Twitter to lambast the president.

Responding to Trump’s childish temper tantrum about Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, LeBron James called the president a “bum” and said that is used to be a “great honor” to go to the White House before he showed up.

The Cleveland star’s tweet:

While Curry and James are often facing off against each other on the basketball court – they’ve clashed in the last three NBA Finals – the reckless man in the White House has given them a reason to join forces.

James’s epic tweet came after Trump took to Twitter earlier on Saturday to rescind Curry’s invitation to the White House to celebrate Golden State’s championship win – even though the Warrior player had said he likely wouldn’t go.

In previous administrations, this kind of behavior from a President of the United States would be beneath the office. But it’s become apparent that there is nothing beneath Donald Trump.

Instead of, you know, doing the job the Electoral College gave him in 2016, he is whining about professional athletes, lashing out about awards shows, and throwing tantrums about ESPN.

It’s clear the president still thinks he is part of some prime time reality show instead of in charge of governing the most powerful country in the world.

Trump can continue to lash out at athletes he thinks aren’t being patriotic, but there is nothing more patriotic than standing up – or kneeling – t0 a President of the United States who has trampled over American values since day one.