500 NFL Players Plan To Protest Trump During The National Anthem

It is being reported that nearly one-third of all NFL players are planning to protest during the national anthem after Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on their freedom.

Activist and writer Shaun King tweeted:

These players are protesting because they love their country. They are protesting a justice system that is unjust, police who murder innocent people, and the destruction of civil rights under this president. The players are patriots, and they have support from some league owners.

The owners of the Buffalo Bills put out a statement supporting their players’ right to protest:

bills statement

In a WTF moment, former Bills coach Rex Ryan says he supported Trump, but never signed up for this:

If anyone supported Trump and didn’t see this coming, they deserve the stain that they will now carry on their character and reputation. Trump is doing exactly what he campaigned on for nearly two years. None of this is surprising.

Trump’s attacks on NFL players have set off a firestorm that is going to overshadow the games and the league itself.

NFL owners gave Trump millions of dollars during the campaign. He repaid them by creating a controversy that could tear apart their sport. Everything Donald Trump touches dies, and 500 NFL players are set to make sure that the President doesn’t destroy their civil liberties.