Opinion: After The Malignancy of Donald Trump It’s Up To Us To #MAGA

A little over eight months after the inauguration of Donald Trump, the fears of 66,000,000 people have been realized. The President of the United States is not befitting of his position, as he has been proven to be an instrument of historical incompetence and divisiveness. America has been thrust into civil unrest and political upheaval, that hasn’t been witnessed in decades. The only saving grace for the future advancement of the world’s most celebrated democracy is us…We The People.

Our current administration has been the embodiment of malfeasance and corruption. The Republican Party represents a tired and outdated model of governing. The malicious disregard for the rule of law and offensive approach to critical social issues has left our country battered and bruised. It cannot be sensibly argued that we, in fact, have no leadership and our way of life, is a rudderless ship in the middle of the ocean taking on water. We The People have to power to plug the holes and lead America safely to shore.

We must focus our collective energy and resources to ensure that the Grand Old Party is a thing of the past, struck down by a blow of concentrated cohesiveness, swung by a coalition of common sense, compassion, and intelligence. Our citizens can no longer be hoodwinked by the pomp and circumstance of an empty-headed failed television star, thirsty for power for the sake of power itself.

Putting aside the recent controversy surrounding kneeling during the national anthem, it should be mentioned that sacrifices were made for the right to vote. The right to vote in this country cost countless lives, and somehow it has been overlooked on the spectrum of our most vital human rights.

African Americans were routinely beaten lynched and murdered for the mere intention of casting ballots. Homes were firebombed, property seized, and people of color lived in fear, simply for wanting to exercise the right to have a voice in our government. Women were also denied access to voting polls, while the fate of America was decided by bigoted, ignorant and misogynistic Caucasian men. Fast forward to today and witness the despicable attempt by Donald Trump and his administration to invoke new voter id and registration guidelines. These efforts today are no different than those of the Jim Crow era. It’s a blatant attempt to seize absolute power and an affront to the tenets of a true democracy. There is no need to worry about losing a grip on power if you invalidate those who oppose it. It’s is the oldest and dirtiest trick in politics.

We The People have the means to investigate, vet and choose proper representatives of our vision. The GOP doesn’t resemble that vision. The Trump administration is an abject failure. The supporters of his dumbocracy are outnumbered, outsmarted and fools to the core. Many of Trump’s political failures can be directly attributed to voice and will of We The People, who see through his lies and distortions, tune out his propaganda machine and see the picture for what it is. Try as he might, he has failed time and time again, not only in his misguided and racist political agenda but even more importantly, his quest for unquestioned loyalty.

The GOP has stood idly and in silence, throughout Donald Trump’s rancid presidency, cowering in fear. He has reduced our country to a global punchline and brought us to the brink of nuclear catastrophe by way of sheer unadulterated stupidity. We The People must take the baton and pass it to a new generation of democratic visionaries who understand the importance of our place on the planet. But we cannot be fooled into thinking that our choices only matter on a national level. We must let our voices be heard, cast our votes and support an agenda of change at the most local levels. City Councilmen, police chiefs, mayors, judges, governors and every election in between, we must make a stand and be our own advocates.

There is no debating that any team is a reflection of its leader. With that in mind, look at the Trump administration. It’s a clear representation of a chaotic and troubled mind. Terminations, resignations, corruption, callousness and an atrocious lack of moral fortitude. He and those like him must be shown the door. We have the power enact new effective and competent officials but only if we act in concert.

Our right to vote is the most precious and powerful tool we have as Americans. We have to honor history and sacrifice by engaging in our futures through the empowerment of those who share our perception of democracy. We must undertake the task of erasing the stain of the GOP, much in the same manner as they have tried to dismantle the legacy of Donald Trump’s predecessor. We cannot leave it to our neighbors; we must take personal responsibility to go out, get involved and be heard at EVERY election. Together as an informed, uniformed and determined group, We The People can do what Donald Trump speaks of but has no true comprehension… We The People can make America great again. #RESIST… by voting the GOP out of power every opportunity we have.