Trump Attacks MSNBC And NBC For Criticizing His Weak Puerto Rico Response

Trump falsely accused CNN and NBC, which includes MSNBC, of attacking first responders because they are telling the truth about his weak Puerto Rico response.

Trump tweeted:

The real reason that Trump was angry wasn’t that the cable news networks were attacking first responders. He was whining because he thought the media coverage was unfair.

These are the sort of facts that have gotten Trump’s ire:

msnbc PR


Trump has questioned if it will be too expensive to rebuild Puerto Rico

On Friday, Trump suggested that Puerto Rico might be too expensive to rebuild:

After rushing aid to red states Texas and Florida, Trump has intentionally dragged his feet on providing disaster aid to Puerto Rico. The reason is obvious. Puerto Rico is 99% Hispanic. What Trump is doing is unacceptable, and hiding behind first responders who are being hindered by his administration’s lack of response only adds to the disgust.