Trump Tries To Distract From His Puerto Rico Failure By Threatening North Korea

Trump is trying to distract the country from his failed disaster response in Puerto Rico by claiming that he has broken off negotiations with North Korea.

Trump tweeted:

Trump learned a lesson from his threats against North Korea. The President thinks that he can divert the attention of the American people from his failures by threating a new war against North Korea.

Donald Trump doesn’t care if his threats are empty or if he makes the crisis worse with North Korea. He is getting bad media coverage for his terrible response to the crisis in Puerto Rico, so Trump is trying to give a new shiny object to chase.

No one should take the bait. Part of Trump’s manipulation of the media has been his ability to create distractions to hide what is going on. Trump is making things worse in Puerto Rico by attacking US citizens who are pleading for assistance.

Trump’s threats against North Korea are empty, and the American people need to keep their eyes on the crisis in Puerto Rico.