Trump Just Promised To Take More Illegal And Unconstitutional Actions On Healthcare

Trump promised on Tuesday morning to sign an executive order giving healthcare to “many.” The problem is that executive orders aren’t laws, and by constitutional definition, the President can’t create and pass his own laws.

The President tweeted:

Trump doesn’t understand the difference between laws and executive orders. A president can’t use executive orders creating new policies that give healthcare to people. Any executive order that Trump signs to do this would be unconstitutional. As Paul Ryan was fond of saying when Obama was president, Congress passes laws, and the president signs them.

The courts ruled against Obama when he tried to use his executive powers on immigration, and Trump is already facing a legal challenge on his rollback of access to contraception.

The President is either knowingly telling a lie, or he still thinks executive orders are laws. Since Trump lies roughly five times a day and has in the past confused executive orders and laws both are viable possibilities.

Trump is admitting to the entire country that he has no clue what he is doing, but he is willing to violate the law to take healthcare away from millions of people.