Trump Proves He Is A Moron With Empty Threat To Cancel NBC’s Broadcasting License

Trump threatened to cancel NBC’s broadcasting license because he is still fuming over the network’s reports about chaos in his White House and Sec. of State Rex Tillerson calling him a moron.

The President tweeted:

Trump has decided that the free press is “bad for the country.” People who still refuse to see Trump’s dreams of authoritarianism need to take a good look at the tweet above. The President Of The United States is publicly questioning whether he can yank television networks off of the air who report things that he doesn’t like.

Republican and former Bush administration hand Matthew Dowd called on his party to be outraged:

Trump’s threat is absurd. He can’t unilaterally yank the broadcasting licenses of networks who provide coverage that he doesn’t like, but this is another attempt by this president to bully and threaten the free press into not reporting the truth. Donald Trump wants to control the news, and he wants all of the news that the American people see to be good news about Donald Trump.

What the President is pondering is un-American, and if tries to take action against any network, it would be grounds for impeachment.