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Trump Throws A Toddler Tantrum After Getting Busted Insulting An Army Widow

President Trump threw a tantrum on Wednesday morning after he was caught insulting the widow of a Green Beret who was killed in an ISIS ambush in Niger.

After it was reported that told the widow of La David Johnson that he knew what he signed up for when he died, Trump tweeted:

The President didn’t bother to say what proof he has, or how he can prove it, just that he has proof and that it was sad. The White House has proven that their readout of Trump’s calls are laughable fantasies that have little relationship to what Trump says. If they have tapes of Trump’s calls, I am sure that Congressional investigators and the Special Counsel would be very interested in any possible tapes regarding the Russia investigation.

Donald Trump’s “proof” is never real evidence. Trump proof usually involves his claim that something didn’t happen, an attack on the accuser, and occasionally some half-baked story planted in conservative media.

Trump is not well. He can’t be trusted to carry out the most basic duties of the presidency. The only denial out there of Trump’s comments has come from the president himself, and since Donald Trump lies an average of five times a day, no one should believe that he is telling the truth this time either.

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