Trump Has A New Massive Scandal As FEMA Says They Never Approved Whitefish Energy Contract

The Whitefish contract is quickly spiraling into a major scandal that perfectly captures the rampant corruption of the Trump administration.

Even by the non-existant standards of the Trump administration, the Whitefish contract looks astonishingly corrupt:

whitefish contract

According to the contract, the government is not allowed to audit or conduct oversight over Whitefish to see how taxpayer money is being spent or where it is going. The energy company is owned by Trump donors who have connections to Trump Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and Trump Energy Secretary Rick Perry. Whitefish only has two full-time employees and it not prepared to handle a contract of this size. Whitefish is going to make a hefty sum off of US taxpayers for hiring subcontractors to do the real work in Puerto Rico.

FEMA has made it clear that they want nothing to do with this latest wave of Trump corruption.

Here is the statement from FEMA about the contract:

fema whitefish

It looks like Whitefish got the ultimate sweetheart deal because the owners donated to Donald Trump. This is textbook corruption straight out of late 19th and early 20th Century American politics. Congress wants all of the documents associated with the contract because this looks like an act of theft committed against the taxpayers.

The Whitefish contract is going to blow up into a major scandal because it perfectly represents the corruption that has engulfed the Executive Branch since Trump took office.