Watch A Delusional Trump Assume That He Is Going To Win A Second Term

There was a lot wrong with Trump releasing a commercial hyping his Fed chair announcement, but the craziest part of the delusional video is that the least popular president in history is assuming that he will win a second term.


Big announcement next week! Together, we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! #USA

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After treating the presidency like it is an episode of The Apprentice, Trump showed how out of touch he is with reality by saying, “I have somebody very specific in mind. I think everybody will be very impressed, but most importantly, I think after eight years everyone will be really impressed.”

Eight years? Trump is assuming that he is going to win a second term. Trump has the lowest approval of any first-year president in the history of polling. Trump has never been over 50% approval, but he believes that he is going to win a second term. Trump could be right about one thing. Americans may be happy eight years from now because they kicked him out of office after one term and replaced with a Democrat who fixed everything that tried to destroy.

Trump isn’t living in reality, and his delusions of a second term show how far gone he really is.