Manafort Indictment Pushes Mentally Ill Trump Into Deranged Rant About Obama And The DNC

As Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort and his right hand man, who still works at the RNC, were preparing to surrender on Monday morning after being indicted in the Russia investigation President Trump was tweeting about President Obama and the DNC.

Trump’s projection has reached certifiable levels and would be laughable in its transparency were it not so troubling. Trump knew indictments for his crew were coming, so his mind turned to Obama.

Trump’a ability to blame Obama, Clinton, the media, the DNC, and liberals for his troubles is not some brilliant political strategy; it’s a reflection of his disordered mind. His need for love and approval. His willingness to lie, even to himself, to see things in a way that makes him comfortable.

These are not traits of a workable President.

Trump turned what would be his former campaign manager surrendering to the FBI for charges that include “conspiracy against the U.S” and turned it into an Obama conspiracy in his mind. In Trump’s mind, the top news for the day is: what did Obama do.

Trump was laying the groundwork for the taking the news that someone working for the RNC just turned himself in after being indicted in the Russia probe into a DNC scandal.

This man is running the free world right now. This is his brain. This is his brain under pressure.

It’s not good.

Long before we get to the answers about whether or not Donald Trump himself conspired against the United States in order to win an election, we need to be asking the question of whether he is emotionally and mentally fit for the job he holds.

Also, this just happened: