Fox News Employees Are Ready To Quit Over The Network’s Humiliating Trump Propaganda

Fox News employees are speaking off the record and blasting their network’s embarrassing non-coverage of and Trump propaganda on the Russia scandal.

Here are some quotes from Fox News employees concerning the network’s Trump/Russia propaganda as told to CNN:

“I’m watching now and screaming. I want to quit.”


“It is another blow to journalists at Fox who come in every day wanting to cover the news in a fair and objective way.”

“Fox feels like an extension of the Trump White House.”


“This kind of coverage does the viewer a huge disservice and further divides the country.”

Just like Trump, Fox News has decided that they are only interested in hanging on to their base. This strategy will be lucrative in the short-term as the 35% or so of the country that supports Trump will be locked on to Fox News, but in the long term, the network is transitioning to a full-blown propaganda outlet, and if the remarks of the Fox News employees above mean anything, it shows that the talent drain likely to continue as Fox News will continue to lose talented people and replace them with Trump propagandists.

Fox has gone to absurd lengths to prop up Sean Hannity as they are desperate to take over the top rated spot from MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, but Hannity is at best a short-term fix. He is destined to crash and burn as it is only a matter of time before his Trump Pravda act crosses the line and sends what advertisers he has left fleeing for the exits.

Fox News employees have had enough, as even they are speaking out about the Trump propaganda disguised as news.

Anyone who watches Fox News needs to understand that they are getting the perception of news, not actually the news itself.