Trump Just Made A Comment That Revealed Why He Should Be Removed From Office Right Now

While speaking about his tax cuts for the wealthy Donald Trump claimed that no president had done more in ten months than he has, which is a statement that is so far removed from reality that he should be removed from office for uttering it.


Trump said, “I will tell you this in a non-braggadocious way: There has never been a 10-month president that has accomplished what we have.”

There has never been a president who lived through his first year in office who has done less than Donald Trump. This president has zero major legislative accomplishments. Unless one is counting golfing and tweets as achievements, Trump has done virtually nothing, and his record will look even worse if he cuts taxes for the rich while shutting down the government.

As PolitiFact pointed out at the 6-month mark of the Trump presidency, “None of the bills Trump had signed at that point qualified as major pieces of legislation. None of the ones since are, either. They include, among others, two federal spending bills of the sort required periodically of every president and Congress to keep the government running; a bill overhauling government-employee travel policy; a bill about the United States competing for an international expo; a measure addressing Department of Homeland Security vehicle fleets; and the official naming of a federal courthouse in Tennessee.”

Questions about Trump’s mental competency are growing by the day, and his comment in Missouri reveals that the President is out of touch with reality, and unfit to govern the country.

In other words, Trump has got to go.